The Demi Barre OUT OF STOCK
The Demi Barre OUT OF STOCK

The Demi Barre OUT OF STOCK

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 To find the correct length of your barre simply measure the distance between your frames and then compare it to our chart above. We have three standard sizes that fit into most door and window frames.

For any barres longer than the standard large, we would consider this to be a custom made barre. We are here to help you with your request!

Please contact us at: 

• Our barres are Australian made out of pine wood and aluminium.

• the Demi Barre is safe and sturdy to use. 

Due to COVID we cannot guarantee exactly when you will receive your Barre if you are ordering out of Australia. Please allow at least one month once you have placed your order. 

 * What is a suitable space? - Something with a strong frame such as a doorway or window frame or between two door frames in a hallway (for a longer barre). If the barre is pushing out onto plaster it may damage the wall. Please feel free to contact if you have any queries.