How Do I use the Demi Barre?

To join the Demi Barre Duet together:

• Connect the middle parts of the two pieces and twist until the barre becomes one piece. Be sure not to lock these parts together with too much force. 

To secure the Demi Barre into the space:

• Simply hold the barre with both hands making sure the engraved end of the barre is in your right hand

• Twist the ends away from you, evenly, until the rubber ends are touching the two side surfaces       

• Twist the wooden part of the barre towards you. You will notice this pushes the ends outwards. This locks it in 

• Test the barre is secure by gently pushing down on the barre

As with all ballet barres, avoid pushing the full body weight down onto the barre and it is advised not to pull away from the barre or to use therabands to pull on the barre

Is the barre secure?

Yes. When setting up the Demi Barre correctly it will be fully secure for safe use by both young dancers and adults alike. To be certain the Demi Barre is secure, an adult must check the installation before each use by testing that each end is securely fixed to each end of the door opening. Children under 10 should be supervised when using the barre. 

Is the barre environmentally friendly? 

Yes. The Demi Barre is made from sustainable Australian pine, Western Australia sourced aluminium and is fully recyclable. 

How does using the barre fit in with my training program?

The Demi Barre is an innovative training device that can be used during any stage of a dancer’s training and preparation. It is easy to set-up and is used to:

  • Reinforce and practise certain exercises at home
  • As preparation for dance exams
  • As a way to develop new techniques
  • As a fun way to train at home with friends and siblings
  • Maintain fitness and strength

Can the barre cause damage to any surfaces?

When fitted correctly, the Demi Barre should not damage the surfaces used to balance it in-between such as doorways and window frames.  It may however damage walls that are plastered as the barre pushes outwards to secure itself. In older houses, where the paint on the door frame is already cracked and peeling, the paint may be affected. Once fitted properly ( refer to the 'how to use video' ) the Demi Barre should be firmly tightened by twisting the barre towards you. Avoid over-tightening the barre to avoid any damage. 

  • Ensure the Demi Barre is not overtightened - just firm and no more
  • Do not allow any users to swing or hang or pull on the barre

How long does delivery take?

Our standard delivery times are 5 working business days within Australian capital cities. Overseas may take slightly longer. During Covid-19 delivery may take longer. 

How do I make sure it is safe?

Once the Demi Barre is set up, place one hand on the barre and slowly push down, without using your whole body weight. It should not wobble, move or fall to the floor.

• The Demi Barre should not be mounted above chest height, the ideal height is waist height

• The Demi Barre must not be used to hang or swing off

• The Demi Barre should never be left unattended once mounted 

Can I personalise my barre?

Yes of course. Please email us at support@thedemibarre.com to discuss your requirements. 

Where can I purchase the demi barre?

Please click here to purchase online and you can find the Demi Barre in leading Australian stockists.