Important Safety Instructions

the demi barre is not a toy and children under the age of 10 should always be supervised

• do not leave the barre unattended

• the Demi Barre should never be mounted above waist height

• do not hang or pull on the Demi Barre

• be sure to check that the Demi barre is secure before commencing your practice by gently pressing down on the barre

• as with any ballet barre, do not place you full body weight on the barre


Demi & Co do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges of any kind on items bought if the buyer changes their minds or buys the incorrect product.

If the barre is damaged upon arrival we ask that the barre be returned and reserve the right to conduct a production and quality check to determine the outcome. 


Your Demi Barre has a 12 month warranty against original defects in material and workmanship. 

Any damage caused from mishandling or misuse of the barre will not be covered in our warranty. This includes unnecessary force used to open the ends of the barre causing the barre to lock or repairs or alterations to the barre without the guidance from our production team.

Please contact support@thedemibarre.com for further assistance