About the demi barre...

“The demi barre is a product that you look at and think why hasn’t anyone done this before? Dancers have been holding onto the back of chairs and benches since the plea was invented but somehow the demi barre just fits in and makes sense. It’s a practical way to utilise the space in their home when practicing/ warming up/ working out and creates the same emotional response a dancer feels when they walk into the studio and to the barre. The touch of the wood under the hand focuses the mind… connects anyone using the barre to their practice ... almost like a meditation.”
 - Kerry Jean Swain    Founder/CEO the Demi Barre
"With so many challenges, on so many levels, being faced by the dance and fitness industry... We hope that our barres make this journey that little bit easier and add that extra touch of joy into your home practice.
We believe in you!."  -The Demi Barre Team
"You have made it a much more classy experience than it would have been!! I love my Demi Barre!!! Thank you so much!!!
 - Megan Fairchild, Principle Dance, New York City Ballet 

 "I'm telling you now, @thedemibarre is going to be at the top of every little (and adult!) ballerinas wish list." - The Balanced Ballerina    

"The Demi Barre is a game changer for all ballet dancers. We all struggle to practice outside of the studio, often having limited space and we try to use all manor of chairs as a barre. I have the solution - the Demi Barre!."
- Harry Emmett

"Every Dancers Dream!." - Noah Missell




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